Hello!  My name is Teya Alden

For me life has become far more then just not hurting. Not being in pain was my first step.

Now my goal is to spend my life just exploring how flexible, strong, and resilient I can become, and sharing what I discover with you .

It’s not about finding more time, it’s about learning how to use the time you already have in new ways that regenerate your body.

Movement as a life style begins with practicing specific mindful movements to supplement a movement void.

Over time we embody these improvements and carry them over to our gait pattern making our walking the regenerating action it was designed to be. Natural movement sustains the body … well naturally.

However if we don’t know the language of the nervous system and can’t listen to our own physiology we are missing a major foundational piece.

If you would like to have a direct experience and feel good now. Please accept my gift. I will guide you to open to hearing the language of your own body .