Situational guided meditation

It begins with you sending me your intent or situation. Be clear, it is so much easier to get what you want that way.

Be specific … For instance, tell me where you are having pain or symptoms in your body, or in your life.

I will guide you to activate your awareness and attune to how your body and intuition are speaking to you.

The first step is always to BREATHE … not because it effects the process, it’s just always a good idea. OK really, after you invite me in by making your intent for your guided practice clear. I will do what I do. Then send you an audio recording. 

When you receive the recording, make time to settle into a safe, quiet, comfortable space.  Dropping in….as you softly let your eyes close … sink into listening.  I will guide you to the possibility of hearing your own next step in this situation. 

Invite me to give your soul a voice. 

People hire me for my mind. 
Trust me for my heart,
and succeed because I use both.