Our relationship with the world can only mirror and express the relationship we have with our own bodies. I have found in my own self discovery my gift to guide others.  Wisdom can’t be taught it can only be amassed through living your experiences.

I am now able to extend the essence of my hard won first hand experiences to you. I will guide you to activate your awareness to attune to how your body is speaking to you. I have come to know the secret of how we gain wisdom from our wounds. It requires us to live close to the earth, with our hearts , minds, and bellies in touch both inside and out with that which is larger then we are.


As a culture we have similar habits of excessive sitting and have received the same cultural guidelines on how to move.
we also share the same ailments

Degenerative spines
low bone density
tension in the neck ,jaw & eyes
Digestion issues
pelvic floor disorders
chronic back pain
stiff neck and shoulders
tight hamstrings
poor posture and joint pain 

We associate these conditions with aging yet they are not found in all humans, but in those of us who sit the bulk of the day,  Live in almost constant stress, and have replaced all day movement with short intense bouts of exercise.

There are communities of people who are realizing better health and wellbeing through Natural Human Movement. Which means they are learning how to move through the world in a way that the body requires in order to thrive.

Guiding you to move in the world in a state of Awe, Respect, and Curiosity is my passion. I am deeply humbled and very excited to be invited to begin facilitating a community here to support you to Own Your Own Wellbeing. 

You will learn how whole body movement keeps you
in a state of regeneration

Through the application of simple geometry and physics to known processes of physiology and anatomy.
I understand the science, but I am not a scientist. I am an artist, and have the ability to make this science stuff applicable in the form of a practice that is fun and easy.

We are all always practicing something in the form of habits. This is an invitation to MAKE HEALTHY A HABIT. By discovering how your body is speaking to you.

Just like the alignment of your car the alignment of your body instantly impacts it’s performance.  So if you have never been shown how to load your body properly or how to reduce friction in the joints or keep your tissues fed. Chances are you are sitting here with symptoms created by miss use of your machine.

Relax ; )  The solution is often very simple. move like it matters is your opportunity to experience for your self. Where you are now, Where you should be,  and the movements you need to help you achieve appropriate muscle function and heal the nervous system.