Intuitive Reading


I have been a seeker and still am but I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teaching of my soul.

Why would I be interested in an Intuitive Reading?

There are three main reasons for a requesting an intuitive reading that I focus on.

The first reason I access important information in your Energetic Field is to discover more about the nature of your Soul. I look at where your Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties it has developed life time after life time. All of this information will give you a comprehensive overview of your Soul Purpose … and it is invaluable.

After all, we are here to express our Divinity through our human experience. The information contained within your Energetic Field is about the nature of your Soul  When you make the choice to live in Soul Alignment you are in harmony with Universal Law . Creativity and profound possibility become your way of life.

The second reason I read your Energetic Field is to help you understand how you created your present-life circumstances through your past choices. These may be choices that were made in a past life, or in this lifetime. We are the powerful creators of our own experience, through choice! 

But every choice has consequences – that’s what karma is all about! And so, at times, you may have made negative choices that went against who you are at Soul level. Negative choices are choices that block you from expressing your Divinity. They are choices that do not express who you truly are … that’s what makes them non-beneficial. And of course, non-beneficial choices have negative consequences, some of which affected you lifetime after lifetime. We use the term “Blind Spot” for a reason. We can not see these beliefs that are keeping us stuck until they are brought to our conscious awareness.

I read your Energetic Field and receive and offer your reading not as information but as wisdom that is actionable and applicable in this time frame. I bring this information back to you so that you can understand what choices you made that may be negatively affecting you to this day.  The energetic consequences of these choices are called “blocks and restrictions.” They are literally obstacles keeping you from accessing your Divine Gifts, and living your life’s purpose.


Reading your Energetic Field is an invaluable tool for researching these past negative choices, because they contain your entire Soul’s history! Which brings me to the final reason I read and work in your energetic field – Clearing!

It’s one thing to know what past negative choices continue to create negative consequences in your life today. But when you have conscious understanding of these choices, and guidance as to the actions required to make choices in alinement with who you really are. You begin to understand what it means to live in Divine flow. Before I leave your Energetic Field. I energetically clear the discovered blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from accessing your own Divinity. 

Thank you for inviting me to enter your Energetic Field. It is a sacred privilege.