Authentic Intimacy

Will you define  what you mean by authentic intimacy?

When you can feel who I am under your touch, my body and Soul as one.

When my pleasure is your excitement.

When self conscious melts into surrender.

When time disappears.

When we together feel the sacred oneness of our Souls nourishing each others evolution, as we engage in an ordinary shared life together.

This question came to me from a reader in California.

“Hi Teya, I read your article about movement, and enjoyed your words.  I find you to be a very interesting person. I don’t know if you will write me back, but I was curious about the term you used; “Authentic Intimacy”.  I was wondering if you could give me your definition of what you meant?  Thank you for being a very interesting person.  Michael”

My first thought was … Hmmm… 3,000 miles feels like  is a safe enough distance to talk about intimacy.  I know, funny right? The very normal, natural connection we all long for, with ourselves, with each other, with our lover, and our natural world.  We press our face against the glass and look in for clues, for what that is, for what would that feel like? Or maybe that’s just me?

So, Michael thank you for the kind words and being interested in my answer to your question. This is what I know  for myself to be true.

Sensuous is about being fully present and alive with heightened awareness of all your senses. One of the only things I know for sure is… The sacred is in the ordinary.

I study and practice  physics, as it pertains to understanding the laws of nature /universal law, so I can live in harmony with in it, specifically as it pertains to Biomechanics and cell rejuvenation of the body.  It sounds fancy, and really it is simply mindful movement through life. I believe that access to the transpersonal domain lies with in the gates of the attuned body. 

The word Tao means WAY … Not as in – It is The Way

Way / Tao – defined as cutting with the grain of the wood is smoother. Going with the movement of water requires less effort. Sailing in the direction of the wind…and in my personal experience the body knows before the mind what will nourish your intimacy with all things.

May LOVE have it’s way with you,

Teya Alden …move like it matters

Teya Alden