"We come through life a little bit like hungry ghosts. We are beings that have huge needs for love, but seemingly it’s like we have some kind of amoeba that doesn’t allow us to digest our food. So, though we get love, it goes through us and then we need love all over again. This conception is so deep within all of us that we’ve built an entire reality around it, and we think that’s the way it is; that everybody needs love and that if you don’t get it you are deprived, and that the more of it the better, and you need it every day from everything…”  Ram Dass

When I read this for the first time, it really hit me, in my gut and in my heart.

I realized that I related directly to what Ram Dass spoke about - and it made me a little bit sad. Would I always be a “hungry ghost” wandering around, unable to fully digest or process the love that was given to me? Would I always feel like I needed more? Would I always need to feel validated by someone or something outside myself?

I took these questions into my movement practices surrounded my self with people, places and things that alined with how I wanted to feel, how I would know in my cells I was IN LOVE . I slowly began to open up, drop my tired skepticism, and realize that each one of us really are capable of being emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. This “big love” is self-sustaining and unconditional - and we can cultivate it and fill ourselves with it and share it without anyone’s permission. It is a love that no one can take away from us.

Unlike directive Power, which is the power to create things that can be controlled.

Deep receptivity is the power to manifest that which is beyond our control, including those things that our heart most yearns for - intimacy, relatedness, creative expression, authentic community, meaningful contribution, and creation of prosperity and success in ways that are aligned with our Souls values.

How do you want to feel?

I want to feel …

I want to feel NOURISHED in every way necessary for growth, health, and good conditions . In the form of people, places things, food and movement.

I want to feel Security … Se-means without … Cur- means free from anxiety. To be with out care knowing I have wings to fly .

I want to feel Affluent- it literally means an abundant flow. When you are  consciously centered in Universal flow you  experience inner direction and the unfoldment of creative activity. Not just having things, but the consciousness that attracts things. In the flow of the Universe you will experience every sense of affluence. 

I want to feel In Love- meaning extending ones self for the personal and spiritual growth with another. Together we discover who we are.

I want to feel Sensuous- sensuality means to be aroused by things of BEAUTY, luxury and refinement, to be aware of and explore the world, LIFE and LOVE with all the senses. To be sensuous is to be aware of and appreciate the natural ecstasy that can be found in the sensuous passionate world of feeling, inhabited by poets, artist, song writers and dreamers.

Being sensual brings to us a life felt through our senses, seen only in the world of spirit. Sensual persons take advantage of what life has to offer , living every day as if it were their last.

Teya Alden … move like it matters 

PS: It took me a months to define this for my self … and until today it floated around my desk,  scratched out on scraps of paper and on sticky notes . Today it felt time to make it clear and breath life into and celebrate how far I have come.

2016 I explored the words “Be what is happening“ 2017 the words that had my attention were “Focus on what you want”  This year 2019 is the portal for ” Complete Resolution”  Taking only the wisdom of the past.
“Take the pearl leave the shell.”RUMI

Teya Alden